About the labovitch consultancy

Make Labovitch Your Pillar of Change

When we established a new oilfield services company in Asia, our client said: “Our transformation through Labovitch represented more than a change of name; it effectively reinvented the company with a new vision, new operations, new values and new behaviours”.

Rational to Creative

This testimonial represents the brand essence of The Labovitch Consultancy, which is “Rational to Creative”. It’s a combination of rational and creative skills that develop new operations, deliver new identity and fully engages and motivates the company.

In many ways Labovitch is distinctive in that strategic, analytical, creative and human factors are all combined to give lasting and balanced change and transformation.

Design and delivery

We take the Italian architect Andrea Palladio as the genius on which to base our own creative identity. The blueprints and majestic buildings also represent the true process of consulting, which is impeccable design and delivery illustrated in our method, The Eight Pillars of Change, and motto ‘know your business, know your needs’.

Strength for Change, Success for Transformation

Transformation means change, bringing with it opportunity yet almost always uncertainty.

At this time of change, Labovitch helps move beyond any doubt to a successful, planned outcome. We do so uniquely by providing a pillar of strength. A pillar built through solid experienced method yet always supported by shared concerns and enthusiasm.

A pillar constantly there providing understanding and motivation. Such strength brings an outcome built on solid foundations to fully realise every opportunity for the ages to come.

Make Labovitch your pillar of change.

Prior to contacting us please explore the Briefing Checklist. This will streamline your preparation and help us to get up to speed faster.

The Briefing Checklist also guides your thinking through Brexit related issues.

There is the option of perusing a PDF of the Checklist and / or completing the checklist online. This will enable you to both save and send back to us. Thank you.

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