By working with Labovitch you will have clear direction, identity and motivated workforce embracing change.

At Labovitch we have an overarching approach to all our work in Change Management. We call it The 8 Pillars of Change.

At the outset, it’s important to engage and develop the right culture to deliver change because we know that people tend to offer resistance. That’s why we help achieve emotional buy-in from all involved to make change happen.

  • A clear storyboard sets direction and readiness to adopt change
  • Clear leadership and communications provide both strong motivation and adoption of new ways of working.

Importantly this approach ensures that the people aspects of change, delivered through creative and engaging style, shape a motivated workforce.

As a result, new ways of working are adopted with overall leadership strengthened for lasting success.

Practical strategists with an engaging style get staff to back and deliver change.



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From rational to creative

Strength for Change, Success for Transformation