Client Comments

The Labovitch Consultancy – Testimonials from Clients in a Variety of Sectors across Public and Private Organisations.

“Our transformation through Labovitch represented more than a change of name; it effectively re-invented the company with a new vision, new values and new behaviours.”
Acergy Subsea Engineering

“Labovitch applied extensive knowledge of business systems, project management and managing change to plan and deliver real, robust and positive differences across the organisation. We are very pleased with the transformation work done and the results achieved.”
The Pirbright Institute for Virus Research

“Labovitch has developed clear transformation methodology in this seemingly complex area. His solid thinking and creativity helped us successfully develop new sales channels and business organisation.”
Zurich Insurance

“Working with Leon is a fantastic experience. His endless enthusiasm and curiosity rubs off on any team that has the pleasure of working with him. He has a passion for his subject area and clearly and articulately explains concepts in an accessible way.”
Samsung Life Insurance

“Labovitch is influential from the moment you first meet and extremely knowledgeable in leading major change and transformation programs. He possesses true native intelligence, has a strong understanding of the needs and demands of senior stakeholders and has the courage to communicate the changes effectively.”
Lloyds Bank

“The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council was extremely satisfied with the transformational work done and the results achieved. I truly hope we can work with Labovitch again.”

“Labovitch is a natural communicator and his relationship building and clear change management leadership was a great asset to the team. I would happily work with Leon again on any future challenge!”
Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE)

“Working with Leon is a very special event as it becomes quickly obvious that his good humour is matched with great professionalism, competence, creativity and knowledge. His communication skills make accessible the most difficult of concepts and situations; his collaborative working style develops an inclusivity that is rare and his patience in the most frustrating of circumstances acts as an anchor for all.”
Anglo American (Tarmac)

“Labovitch is rare commodity, a brilliant array of skills and a very wide range of experience. The ability to engage and maintain “buy-in” from the most complex set of stakeholders resulted in an amazing track record of successful projects with us.”
Carbon Trust

“Labovitch has a special way of communicating with people to ensure that they get the best of what they already have, leading to a highly successful solution and project at HMRC. I could not recommend him highly enough.”
Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC)