Free briefing checklist

The questions you need answered to streamline your change preparation and help us get up to speed faster.
The Briefing Checklist also guides your thinking through upcoming Brexit groundwork. There is the option of perusing a PDF of the Checklist and / or completing it online. This will enable you to save and send back to us. Use the online form below or click here to download the FREE Briefing Checklist.

  • Please answer yes or no
  • 01 Business strategy unclear or needs revision especially in light of Brexit

  • 02 Business proposition / model requires updating

  • 03 Change in marketplace & need to focus on new export markets (products, entrants, pricing etc.)

  • 04 Focus on customer should be improved e.g to increase exports

  • 05 Considering merger, acquisition, Mgt. Buy Out / Buy In

  • 06 Sales volume and margins under pressure

  • 07 Sales process unclear or disjointed across organisation

  • 08 Health / Safety procedures and measures not satisfactory

  • 09 Regulatory pressures – could be better managed

  • 10 Risks not mitigated effectively

  • 11 Financials causing concern e.g. ROI, EBITDA, Share price, assets, debt etc.

  • 12 Portfolio, programme and project management below optimal

  • 13 Research and new product development unproductive

  • 14 Need for ‘systems thinking’ across whole business


  • Please answer yes or no
  • 01 Supply chain disjointed / costly

  • 02 Manufacturing operations inefficient / ineffective

  • 03 Business operations to be consolidated or expanded e.g need for EU based operations or production

  • 04 Business process flow unproductive/ineffective

  • 05 Outsourcing solution or improvement sought

  • 06 Capability of estate unrealised


  • Please answer yes or no
  • 01 Enterprise architecture needs revision or redesign

  • 02 Enterprise systems out of date, or need consolidating

  • 03 Business Management System (BMS) undeveloped

  • 04 New systems being rolled out across company require better integration and adoption

  • 05 New technologies require integration and uptake

  • 06 Move to cloud or other outsourcing requirements

  • 07 Systems maintenance could be improved


  • Please answer yes or no
  • 01 Organisation model across company doesn’t effectively support the business or requires redesign especially in light of Brexit

  • 02 Governance fails to maximise company potential

  • 03 Competence and training needs not met

  • 04 Staff planning unable to support company growth (due to Brexit or not)

  • 05 Upsizing / Downsizing phase requires assistance

  • 06 Need to integrate merged organisations / businesses

  • 07 Reward and recognition not in line with retention and motivation

  • 08 Company policies not abreast of business needs

  • 09 Managing change low priority


  • Please answer yes or no
  • 01 Leadership shortfalls

  • 02 Staff disengaged and / or not motivated

  • 03 Dysfunctional behaviours across organisation

  • 04 Team work not fostered

  • 05 Need to develop ‘learning organisation’

  • 06 Company identity, USP, purpose and brand not up to date

  • 07 Joint and collaborative working not established internally or with suppliers

  • 08 Communications not effective

  • 09 Undeveloped culture and / or cultural clashes

  • 10 Creativity not fostered


Please summarise your main priorities