The following are partner organisations in the business community representing disciplines as disparate as project management, design and venture capital. Please peruse as background to our work.

 Change Management Institute

Leading body representing change management practice, events and learning.

Design Business Association

Represents the transformative power of design.

Institute of Directors

Supports business, business principles and leaders.

Project Management Institute

Promotes programme and project management principles and practice.

British Psychological Society

Supports development of psychology and psychometric testing.

Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development

Association for human resource management professionals.

BVCA, British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association

Advocate for the private equity and venture capital industry.

Institute of Consulting

Professional body for the consultancy profession.

Royal Institute of British Architects

Promotes creativity and originality of architectural design.

Institute of Interim Managers

Industry body for the support and promotion of interim management.

Association of Speakers Clubs

Endorses and encourages the skills of public speaking.

Royal Academy of Arts

Established 1768. World class creative exhibitions and promotes art and artists.

The British Film Academy

Creative interpretations of film and the moving image

Royal Geographical Society

Champions exploration and personal challenge