Working directly with clients, private equity and venture capital companies, Labovitch offers experienced, good judgement and a creative and rational approach which delivers success.

Fundamentally we believe that companies should be merged organisationally, operationally and culturally. A finance and legal framework aren’t sufficient.

At Labovitch we work alongside you to plan, engage and importantly deliver fusion with the practical and proven 8 Pillars of Change. This delivers whole integration, synergies and motivated people, including:

  • Working successfully with partners, executive, staff and clients
  • Pre-merger planning and due diligence to assess compatibility and potential synergies. 50 and 100 day plans.
  • Transition – delivers balanced change including strategy, commercial, organisation, people, brand, systems and processes
  • Post-merger – consolidating, realising performance and synergies
  • Delivers new identity, values and USP to beat the competition
  • Business-like and creative, motivates staff and clients.

By working with Labovitch you will successfully achieve integration of merged and acquired companies to create synergy and identity.

Successful merger delivered, adding value to company, partners, clients, staff and investors.

due diligence & planning

strategic narrative, identity & branding

engagement & new ways of working

delivering synergies

From rational to creative

Strength for Change, Success for Transformation