Business Transformation. What is ‘Rational and Creative Change’?
Business Transformation. What is ‘Rational and Creative Change’?

The Labovitch strapline ‘From Rational to Creative’ is quite a unique capability, unlikely to be offered by most other change consultancies.

And yet it’s essential for delivering successful holistic change which ‘sticks’.

So what does ‘from rational to creative’ actually mean?

‘Rational to creative‘ is captured in our Eight Pillars of Change approach where both capabilities are delivered. The first three Pillars include a high-level plan, a business model for the new world and supporting toolkits. All of these could be regarded as rational ‘left brain’ actions based on logic, good judgment and a solid appreciation of strategy – the essential qualities of the transformation manager!

However, it’s when we arrive at the next ‘human’ pillars which are engagement, resistance and culture that creativity (and ‘right-brain’) comes to the fore.

Whereas planning is essential, its people who make change happen and we need to appeal to everyone via all the senses to get emotional buy in and change to new ways of working (Pillar 8 – Make Change Happen).

The Labovitch Consultancy has completed an array of projects embracing rational + creative which have added real value in delivering successful, lasting change. Also, please look at my white paper ‘Creative Expression and successful Business Transformation’ where this approach is explained further.

The often-cited phrase that ‘80% of change projects fail’ does not apply at The Labovitch Consultancy, and without creativity a client is doomed to compete in commodity hell!

Wishing you successful rational and creative change.

The Labovitch Consultancy

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