Engagement in Times of Change and Transformation
Engagement in Times of Change and Transformation

The Labovitch Consultancy is now working with key clients in banking, engineering and oil & gas to specifically engage and coordinate change programmes.  It’s vital for their success in a constantly changing market.

The five stage process used, is summarised in my white paper ‘The Essence versus the Photo – creating company identity’.

The white paper emphasises the importance of purpose and motivation, as change won’t happen without workforce motivation.

A meta-analysis of studies suggests that when employees are motivated and confident they are 31% more productive, make 37% more sales, and are three times as creative, so this is clearly an area in which the potential return on investment is great.

I use storyboarding as a bright and motivating way of creating purpose and motivation.  The story describes the business journey which engages and helps us:

  • Unite behind a common purpose
  • Builds a greater sense of identity and belonging
  • Actively engages and aligns people to the business strategy, vision and values
  • Creates the context for changes to challenge our beliefs and behaviours
  • Inspires and energises
  • Demonstrates strong leadership
  • Builds a winning culture.

To discuss our approach and receive the slide deck on how to do this, please contact CEO Leon Labovitch, email: leon@labovitch.co.uk.

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