Why Rational Thinking and Good Judgement are Essential in Business Change.
Why Rational Thinking and Good Judgement are Essential in Business Change.

Great thinkers like Newton, Einstein and Adam Smith helped transform our world from rural subsistence into the global and sophisticated economies of today.

Why? – because rational thinking works! Ultimately logic, and cause and effect win through, and this particularly applies to business and business transformation.

The Labovitch Consultancy designed and uses The Eight Pillars of Change to bring strong analysis and good judgement to the fore in all change programmes.

Critical are Pillars 1 and 2, which are ‘Agree a High Level Plan’ and ‘Create a Business Model for the New World’.

The high level plan creates the programme structure for delivery, and business model is the strategy on which the future is based. Both require sound rational thinking, good judgement, practical experience and a ‘sense of reality’. Younger graduates may have sound rational thinking but lack practical experience and consequent lack of judgement, and importantly may miss a sense of balanced reality.

Many change projects fail because programme planning, sound strategy and full practical realities are lacking. This is not the case at The Labovitch Consultancy where 40 years of business experience across the world and strong rational thought, have given Labovitch an impeccable record in delivering sound and successful change and transformation.

The 8 Pillars in our logo illustrate elegant Greek and Roman architecture, which has constantly been reinvented throughout the centuries. The style is elegant, logical and simply ‘works’.

Together with my wife, I recently visited the classical ‘Villa Rotunda’, in Vicenza Italy, home of its architect Andreas Palladio. In 1550 Palladio reinvented Roman design to give balance, strength and beauty to a style which became predominant in subsequent centuries, giving rise to the Georgian architecture of London’s ‘Palladian’ heart.

Science, logic and good judgement are the hallmarks of such work and the same principles should be applied to modern business and business change.

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